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Carolyn McCalley

Author & Speaker Events Manager


I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, attended college in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, and made my way to DC through an arts administration apprenticeship program. I quickly immersed myself in all of DC’s cultural offerings, spending almost all my free time at concerts, plays, festivals, talks, and other events. I’ve attended performances by some of my favorite vocalists at Sixth & I, each time transfixed by the beauty of the space and the synergistic effect of adding incredible talent to the stage. My background in live entertainment production and arts administration helped me discover a passion for events, and Sixth & I’s wide-ranging, accessible programming was especially exciting to me. I am thrilled to be part of Sixth & I’s author and speaker events team, working each day to provide unforgettable experiences fueled by top-notch, relevant, and inspiring talent.

When not at Sixth & I, you can find me dog-watching at the farmer’s market, binge-reading contemporary fiction, dancing at a concert, or planning my next weekend trip.