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Kayla Valentine

Production Coordinator

Originally from Los Angeles, moving to DC was a major transition for me. Living out my 20-somethings on the east coast and learning life lessons along the way has been a gratifying experience. After graduating from Howard University in 2017, I decided I wasn’t quite ready to move back home, so I chose to stay. Freelancing as a graphic designer and event coordinator led me to Sixth & I when I happened to organize an event here, found I loved the team morale, and wanted to join. I admire Sixth & I’s mission to enlighten and include DC’s diverse community through arts and cultural programming.

When I’m not at Sixth & I, you can find me in the kitchen, creating recipes for my future cooking show (that Food Network will pick-up, wink-wink, nudge-nudge), walking through museums with Soulection Radio playing through my headphones, or at your local coffee shop working on one of my many personal projects.