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Sasha Fried-Snoad

Live Entertainment Manager

In the summer of 2013, I packed up my belongings in New Orleans and drove up the coast to DC. Leaving behind a city where the lines between music and life were blurred, I sought out pockets of rich culture in the District, searching to manifest the meaningful musical experiences that had brought me in touch with the pulse of the city I’d left behind. When I found myself at Sixth & I for the first time, I felt the synergy that I was looking for; the melding of art with spirituality, the confluence of tradition with musical excellence, the reckoning with current events through community building. I attended events with several of my favorite artists and spiritual leaders at Sixth & I, and with each visit my reverence and appreciation for the institution and the space grew.

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to leverage my passion for music and love of community to elevate the offerings here. When I’m not at Sixth & I, you can find me at house shows around the city, at my yoga studio, or performing with my band, Lotion Princess.