Sixth & I Sustainers is our special group for those who donate monthly to support Sixth & I.

Why donate monthly?

Your monthly support provides us with reliable income so we can dream bigger and pursue envelope-pushing programs.

We need your help to continue producing the programs you love. Income from ticket sales covers only one-third of Sixth & I’s operating expenses. We strive to keep our ticket prices low so that our programs are accessible to the widest possible audience. 

We are so grateful for your support. Become a Sixth & I Sustainer at $15/month or above and you will receive complimentary access to two virtual Talks and Entertainment events per year and exclusive presale emails

Questions? Contact Shannon Segovia

Want to support Sixth & I but don’t want to give a monthly donation? Click here to give a one-time gift (one-time gifts not eligible for Sustainers perks).

Sustainers contributions made in excess of the value of the goods and services received are tax deductible to the extent the law allows. The estimated fair market value of goods and services provided is $24 (two complimentary virtual event admissions). Per IRS regulations, donations made through donor-advised funds or family foundations are not eligible for benefits with a Fair Market Value (FMV). For questions about the Sustainers program or to waive all non-tax-deductible benefits, please contact Shannon Segovia.