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In the film Nomadland, named Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards, there’s a memorable scene in which a fellow traveler accidentally shatters a beloved set of plates belonging to Fern, the protagonist, portrayed by Frances McDormand. The plates are a memento from a time in Fern’s life before she experienced profound loss and hardship. We watch her expression change from devastation to resolve as she picks up the broken pieces and painstakingly glues them back together. The message, it seems, is that nothing is broken beyond repair.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, a famous Chasidic rebbe, shares a related teaching: “If you believe in the power of breaking, you have to believe equally in the power of repairing.” 5782 will undoubtedly be defined by the act of repairing.

How we piece together the fragments of this past unprecedented year will depend on the person. Some of us may try to replicate what was broken. Others will attempt to form a new creation, one that more accurately reflects who we are and how we want to intentionally be in the world. And then there are others, painfully aware of the missing pieces and people, who will rebuild something incomplete, something imperfect, because not everything can be recreated the same as it once was. As it says in a 2,000-year-old rabbinic teaching: “A shofar that was cracked and then glued together is no longer fit for use.” (RH 3:6). Some kinds of brokenness, sadly, cannot be made whole again.

As we come together for the High Holidays and turn towards the promise of a new and, we hope, better year, we’ll need to rely on the strength of our community as we begin the work of repairing. Wholeness, sheleimut, is connected in Hebrew to the word for peace, shalom. This year, let’s strive for wholeness, and for peace, together.

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Kol Nidre

Wednesday, September 15

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Thursday, September 16

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