Collectives are lay-led groups for Jews in their 20s and 30s that meet monthly to discuss shared interests surrounding a given topic.

The Collectives program is an acknowledgment of what we know to be true: humans carry lots of identities at the same time (Jew, vegetarian, person of color, Republican, etc.). The program celebrates, challenges, and nuances the intersection between the many identities we carry through a Jewish lens. The program is open to Jews and to those who consider themselves “Jewish-adjacent” (i.e. partnered with a Jew, in the process of or considering conversion).

The Collectives at Sixth & I are designed to:

  • Empower lay-leaders to create meaningful Jewish experiences and connections.
  • Foster an intimate setting in which people can get to know each other comfortably.
  • Provide a forum to discuss or act upon a Jewish topic of shared interest.
  • Reconnect to Judaism or engage in Jewish life together.

Want to start your own collective?

It’s easy but requires some start-up work. What we need from you:

  • Written goal and plan of action for the next six months.
  • Group of four to five people already interested in the project and in agreement with the goal and commitment to participate regularly. At least two of the group members must be active participants in the Sixth & I community who attend religious and/or social programming at least once per month.
  • To propose an idea, please email our Community Engagement Associate, Alissa, to set up a meeting.

How Sixth & I will support your Collective:

  • Minimal financial help, as needed.
  • Administrative support including processing ticket purchases, photocopies, meetings with our rabbis and select staff.
  • Program space on a monthly basis, pending availability.

Sixth & I Collectives

Sixth & Wee: A Family Collective: Formed by a group of Sixth & I’ers seeking family-friendly Jewish programming for their babies and families, the group meets for holiday celebrations, social programs, and ”Tot” Shabbat.

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Connect: A Collective for Interracial Discussion on Race in America: The era of America’s greatest diversity sometimes looks like the beginning of a great fracturing. Recent police-involved shootings, along with the Presidential campaign, have surfaced and amplified intense racial anxiety and a rhetoric of fear and hatred.

But it is exactly this environment that gives us an opportunity to speak openly about longstanding divisions and bend, not break, toward something more inclusive. This Collective brings together people from a variety of racial, ethnic, cultural, faith, and non-faith backgrounds to support each other in working towards racial cohesion and justice. Discussions are grounded in Carol Anderson’s scholarly work, White Rage.

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Chesed & Hummus: A Veg Collective: There is an old Jewish saying: “Eat that you may live!” Of course, what you eat profoundly affects how you live. Many Jewish scholars argue that the Torah promotes a vegetarian diet to better one’s health, protect the environment, and show compassion toward animals. Enjoy plant-based snacks while discussing a variety of ancient, contemporary, religious, and secular Jewish texts. This Collective explores the intersection between Judaism and vegetarianism by discussing topics ranging from the meaning of Adam and Eve’s vegan diet in the Garden of Eden to whether modern-day animal agriculture is consistent with the laws of kashrut to why Israel has recently been dubbed “the promised land for vegans.”

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This IS What a Jew Looks Like: A Collective for Racially and Ethnically Diverse Jews:
Jews of color come together to study, explore new ideas, and build community in a safe space. Celebrate Jewish racial and ethnic diversity and learn about Jewish communities in Africa, Asia, and Central/South America. Strategize ways to help the American Jewish community be more inclusive of all Jews, not just the ones who look like Jerry Seinfeld.

Whether you were born Jewish or converted to Judaism or if you are a racially or ethnically diverse Jew, you are welcome here.

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Lean Right: A Conservative Collective:
 Discuss issues that motivate and inform politically Right-leaning Jews. This thoughtful forum for exchanging ideas around Conservative thought aims to create a space where diversity of ideas is explored through thoughtful and meaningful dialogue.

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The Jew-ish Collective: Living Out Jewish Values: Discuss Jewish moral and ethical questions in connection to how we struggle (and we all do) with everyday issues. Selected texts will serve as a jumping-off point for conversation.

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