Collectives are lay-led groups for Jews in their 20s and 30s that meet monthly to discuss shared interests surrounding a given topic.

We all carry multiple identities (Jew, vegetarian, person of color, Republican, etc.). This program celebrates, challenges, and nuances the intersection between these identities and Judaism. The program is open to Jews and to those who consider themselves “Jewish-adjacent” (i.e. partnered with a Jew, in the process of or considering conversion).

The Collectives at Sixth & I are designed to:

  • Empower lay-leaders to create meaningful Jewish experiences and connections.
  • Foster an intimate setting in which people can get to know each other comfortably.
  • Provide a forum to discuss or act upon a topic of shared interest.
  • Reconnect to Judaism or engage in Jewish life together.

Want to start your own Collective?

It requires some start-up work. What we need from you:

  • Proposed goals and plan of action for the next six months, sent in writing to Annie, our Jewish Programming Associate. She will arrange a follow-up meeting.
  • Group of four to five people already interested in the project, in agreement with the goals, and committed to regular participation. At least two of the group members must be active participants in the Sixth & I community who attend religious and/or social programming at least once per month.

How Sixth & I will support your Collective:

  • Minimal financial help, when possible.
  • Administrative support including photocopying meeting materials and meetings with our rabbis and select staff.
  • Program space on a monthly basis, pending availability.

Sixth & I Collectives

Community Service Collective: Promoting the Jewish value of tikkun olam (healing the world), this group provides service opportunities for members of the Sixth & I community. The Collective draws on the educational tradition of Sixth & I and integrates service and learning while working to create sustained partnerships with organizations across the DC region. Mixing service events with book clubs and classes, the goal is to foster a group of informed volunteers capable of thoughtfully addressing difficult and persistent issues of inequity and injustice.

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Kindness Collective: Do you aspire to be a reliable friend? The soup bringer or gift giver? The one who visits people when they’re sick or shows up to help them move that piece of furniture? If any of those apply, then we need you. The Kindness Collective is a group of Sixth & I’ers devoted to spreading chesed (kindness/love/care) wherever it’s needed, whether someone is experiencing a tough time or looking for others to share in the celebration of a happy occasion. If you care about taking care of others, then join our Kindness Collective

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Sixth & Wee: A Family Collective: Formed by a group of Sixth & I’ers seeking family-friendly Jewish programming for their babies and families, the group meets for holiday celebrations, social programs, and “Tot” Shabbat.

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Lean Right: A Conservative Collective:
Discuss issues that motivate and inform politically Right-leaning Jews. This thoughtful forum for exchanging ideas around Conservative thought aims to create a space where diversity of ideas is explored through thoughtful and meaningful dialogue.

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Connect: A Collective for Activists in the Social Justice Arena:
The Connect Collective aims to facilitate conversations about contentious social issues facing the Jewish community and beyond. This cohort will explore the intersection between anti-Semitism and progressive communities in America. While Jews have often been on the front-line of social justice movements, it has become increasingly difficult to publically embrace one’s Jewish identity, or to mention Israel, in many activist circles.

In response, this year’s cohort will explore the past and present of Jewish activism, race, and anti-Semitism in the United States, as well as the ambivalence many “social justice Jews” feel in their relationships with modern Israel. This collective provides an open and supportive dialogue for participants to discuss how to navigate individual identity in social justice spaces during a time of increasing anti-Semitism and racism. This cohort will begin in the winter.

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Meetings for these lay-led programs will not appear on Sixth & I’s calendar. Please sign up with each individual Collective to learn about upcoming meetings.

The following Collectives are currently inactive. If you are interested in reactivating one of these Collectives, please contact Annie

  • Chesed & Hummus: A Veg Collective
  • This IS What a Jew Looks Like: A Collective for Racially and Ethnically Diverse Jews