Sixth & I approaches the celebration and observance of Jewish holidays by embracing tradition and culture in ways that are resonant with and reflective of people’s modern interests. Some highlights of past holiday programs include:


Built by our community and around the entrance to our building, Sixth & I’s sukkah is host to social events, meals, and text study sessions.

Dancin’ in the Streets

In celebration of Simchat Torah, we close down I Street as local Jewish communities and minyanim join together to dance and sing with the Torah.

Purim Celebration

Staff, class participants, and people in our community act out chapters of the Megillah with original skits, set against the backdrop of highly encouraged revelry.

The TEN: An Alternative Shavuot Experience

This innovative take on Shavuot, the holiday traditionally celebrated by studying Torah and enjoying the first fruits of the harvest, has featured Matisyahu, Josh Radnor, Natasha Lyonne, and Jonathan Safran Foer, among others.

High Holidays

For a fresh start to the new year, we offer in-person and virtual service offerings along with alternative programming and classes to help you connect more deeply to the holidays and their themes.

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