Thrillah in Megillah: A Purim Spiel

7:00 pm

Celebrate Purim with an unconventional spiel, a satirical spin on the traditional holiday story.

Robert Reich

7:00 pm

With The Common Good, the economist, former Secretary of Labor, and public policy professor presents a clear-eyed manifesto on why we must restore the idea of the common good to the...

PUBLIQuartet: Freedom and Faith

8:00 pm

Reigning Metropolitan Museum of Art Quartet-in-Residence PUBLIQuartet launched to national attention in 2016 with their acclaimed “Requiem for a Debate” on The Late Show with...

Amy Chua

In Conversation with J.D. Vance - 7:00 pm

In Political Tribes, Chua outlines how the U.S. has ignored the importance of tribal politics and argues that our country must rediscover a national identity that transcends group...

Zadie Smith

In Conversation with Michel Martin - 7:00 pm

From the award-winning author of White Teeth, On Beauty, and Swing Time, comes Feel Free, a collection of essays covering recent events in culture, politics, and the author's own life.

Jorge Ramos

7:00 pm

What does it mean to be an American? In Stranger, the Emmy-award winning journalist and Univision anchor explores his own biography as an immigrant from Mexico, with America’s...


with Victory Boyd - 8:00 pm

Rodriguez, the legendary singer-songwriter and self-taught guitarist, began performing in bars and clubs in Detroit in the 1960’s as the city suffered post-industrial urban decay.

Steven Pinker

7:00 pm

In Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, Pinker connects hard data with a keen understanding of the human mind to show that people are safer,...

Michio Kaku

7:00 pm

The science correspondent for CBS This Morning traverses the frontiers of astrophysics, artificial intelligence, and technology to offer a vision of man’s future in space, from...


8:00 pm

Wolfgang Voigt - an artist, music producer, label owner, and one of the co-founders of the Cologne-based electronica and techno label Kompakt - presents GAS, a sinister work of...