Gretchen Rubin

7:00 pm

In Better than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives, Rubin tackles the critical question: How can we make good habits and break bad ones?


8:00 pm

Blending urban avant-garde and Ukrainian village culture, the self-proclaimed “ethno-chaos” group refreshingly revisions Eastern European roots music.

Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?

7:00 pm

Memories of the Holocaust inoculated Europe against overt anti-Semitism for over half a century, but recent fatal attacks and mounting hatred have left the continent confronted with...

Sixth & I Tour

9:00 am

Uncover the unexpected story of renewal, revitalization, and reinvention of our building that has led to what Sixth & I is today.

Rodrigo Amarante

with Big Search - 8:00 pm

The Brazilian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist sings his stripped-down and tender songs to our Downstairs stage.

Candice Bergen

In Conversation with Madhulika Sikka - 7:00 pm

In A Fine Romance, Candice Bergen shares with humor, honesty and wisdom the big events of her life: her marriage to a famous French director, the birth of her daughter, Murphy...

Jennifer Teege

Holocaust Remembrance Day Program - 7:00 pm

In 2008, Teege, a German-Nigerian woman who was given up for adoption as a child, discovered that she is the granddaughter of the Nazi commandant portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in...

Andrea Gibson

with Amber Tamblyn - 8:00 pm

Now on her fifth full-length album, Flower Boy, and her second book, The Madness Vase, Gibson's raw fearlessness has led her to the forefront of the spoken word movement.

The Hot Sardines

8:00 pm

The Sardine sound—wartime Paris via New Orleans—is steeped in hot jazz, salty stride piano, and the kind of music Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt, and Fats Waller used to...

An Evening with Vijay Iyer Trio

Levine Music Jazzfest 2015 - 7:00 pm

The GRAMMY-nominated group updates the sound of their classic jazz piano trio, creating a powerful, cutting-edge new music firmly grounded in groove and pulse, but also rhythmically...