Kashrut Policy

As a multi-denominational synagogue, Sixth & I works to accommodate a wide variety of religious practices. We have formulated our kashrut policy (Jewish dietary laws, “keeping kosher”) in order to serve as many of our visitors as possible.

Only hechshered (certified) kosher food is permitted in Sixth & I’s kitchen. If food is prepared ahead of time, it must be done under the supervision of a mashgiach (kashrut supervisor) and with the full knowledge of the rav hamachshir  (supervising rabbi).

Sixth & I’s kitchen is fleishich (meat), and all kosher dairy food must be brought in from outside. Sixth & I’s kitchen operates under a yotzei v’nichnas (enter and exit) supervision system, and does not employ a full-time mashgiach. Certain single-item non-hechshered food products—notably date-syrup, also called silwan—are used in our cooking with the permission of the supervising rabbi.

Vegetarian, non-hechshered food is permitted in the administrative building, including our two multi-purpose rooms, and under certain conditions, in our social hall. Vegetarian, non-hechshered food cannot be served with any of our kitchen utensils, serving platters, or pitchers and is not permitted in our kitchen, including reheating on our stove or washing of dishes in the sink.

For more questions concerning kashrut, please contact our religious team.

For a list of approved caterers, please contact Robin Farber.