Why 20s & 30s?

For many people in their 20s and 30s, these years are distinctive as a time of great transition. From leaving home or college and a ready-made group of friends to moving to new cities and entering the workforce, this phase is often marked by countless unknowns. Who am I? Who are my people? Where do I belong?

Many arrive in this notoriously transient city lacking ties and quickly crave a group of peers navigating similar life circumstances. During this transitional and exciting time, Sixth & I’s Jewish programming fosters learning and community among those at a similar stage of life.

Whether looking to (re)discover religion or searching for a Jewish identity separate from their parents, Sixth & I is a space for people in their 20s and 30s to connect—to Judaism, arts, culture, spirituality, and tradition—on their own terms and without judgment. We believe that these points of connection are most meaningful when experienced alongside people who are also figuring out what matters to them and who they want to be.

Available à la carte and without membership dues, our multi-denominational programs include classes, Shabbat services, and holiday celebrations, as well as social events.