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Kira Doar

Director of Community Impact and Organizational Culture


After growing up in the District’s suburbs, I discovered Sixth & I when I graduated from Tufts University and moved back to DC to begin work in the non-profit sphere. I was excited to find my place in downtown DC’s vibrant Jewish community and further explore how the value of tikkun olam (to repair the world) could inspire my professional pursuits. I am thrilled to be a part of Sixth & I’s religious team and the inclusive community it has built for young adults in this city.

A cardio enthusiast, outside of the office you can usually find me briskly strolling the streets of DC with my earbuds in listening to podcasts on my favorite topics: foreign policy, feminism, or Bravo reality shows. I am also a coffee addict always looking for an excuse to grab a fresh brew and hear about people’s connections to Sixth & I, so please feel free to reach out!