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Sixth & I – Sanctuary


with TUSKS

Oct 2, 2017 • 8:00 pm ET
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Listen to Ásgeir.

Ásgeir returns to music with the release of his daringly electronic new album, Afterglow. The twenty-four-year-old Icelandic singer-songwriter takes a brave new step in a remarkable story that remains rooted in his hometown of Laugarbakki, where he wrote his favorite songs of the album.

Slowly drifting organ sounds and manipulated piano experimentation characterize the album, which balances icy, electronic tones with soul, R&B, and gospel influences.

The artist first began composing as a teenager. He grew up in a musical family surrounded by instruments thanks to his organ-player mother, accordion-player father, violinist sister, and guitarist older brother, a member of the Icelandic reggae band, Hjálmar. After discovering the likes of Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens as well as Icelandic heroes Sigur Ros, Mugison, and Lay Low, Ásgeir got his first guitar and never looked back.

The artist’s raw, emotional honesty was threaded through songs about dragons, gods, and wilderness on his last album, In the Silence. With the gently boundary-pushing and moving album Afterglow, Ásgeir creates music that is cathartic for fans.

Opening act, TUSKS, is a rising new British indie voice. She performs music from her recently released abum, Dissolve. 

More Info: Artist's Website, Facebook, YouTube