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Sixth & I

Deep Dive: Martin Buber

Jan 18, 2017 • 6:00 pm ET
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This two-part course meets on Wednesdays, January 18 and 25.

Martin Buber left his religiously observant upbringing and became one of the most powerful Jewish philosophers of the 20th Century. His experiences with Chassidism as a young man influenced the writing of an existential masterpiece, I and Thou, still read by Jews and non-Jews alike.

I and Thou is the exploration of spirituality as the experience of deep relationship. No matter what kind of spiritual journey a person is on, I and Thou teaches how to create real connection between the “I” – the self – and “Thou” – the experience of the divine.

Ready for the next level in your spiritual journey? Dive into the deep end of this Jewish spiritual classic with Rabbi Scott.