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Sixth & I (In-Person and Virtual)

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6:00 pm

Ed Yong

In Conversation with Clint Smith

Jun 21, 2022 • 7:00 pm ET

At this in-person event (with a virtual attendance option), masks and proof of vaccination are required. Please review our health and safety protocols here.

This program does not include a book signing. All books will be pre-signed by the author.

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning Atlantic science writer and New York Times bestselling author of I Contain Multitudes comes An Immense World, presenting a grand tour through the hidden realms of animal senses—aggregated through the eyes, ears, whiskers, and noses of animals—that will transform the way you perceive the world.

In An Immense World, Yong zooms out on the food chain to a cast of creatures we can see, if not immediately understand, and introduces us to how animals experience the world. There are species that can hear and smell what we cannot, that see types of light invisible to us, that touch and taste with a sensitivity we cannot match. We learn that dogs can tell identical twins apart by smell, that whale’s songs can traverse entire oceans, and that alligators have receptors to detect the slightest disturbance on the water’s surface. To uncover these hidden worlds around us and offer a fuller picture of reality, Yong traveled to three continents where he was punched by a mantis shrimp and serenaded by vibrating, pin-sized treehoppers. In conversation with Clint Smith, a staff writer at The Atlantic and the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller How the Word Is Passed.

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