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Eric Gales

May 17, 2023 • 8:00 pm ET

Listen to Eric Gales

Eric Gales is a blues firebrand. Over 30 years and 18 albums, his passion for music and his boundless desire to keep it vital has never waned, even when his own light dimmed due to his substance struggles. Throughout it all, he continued to reinvigorate the art form with personal revelation in his lyrics and bold, stylistic twists in his guitar playing and songwriting.

Five years sober, creatively rejuvenated, and sagely insightful, Gales opens up like never before on his album Crown, sharing his struggles with substance abuse, his hopes about a new era of sobriety and unbridled creativity, and his personal reflections on racism. The songs are delivered with clarity and feature his personal experiences and hope for positive change. The 16-track collection boasts his finest singing and songwriting, and his signature guitar playing burns throughout. Produced by Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith, this is Gales at his most boldly vulnerable, uncompromisingly political, and unflinchingly confident.

Since 1991, the Memphis-born guitarist has blazed a path reinvigorating the blues with a virtuosity and rock swagger that have him being heralded as the second coming of Jimi Hendrix. A child prodigy, at just 16 years old, Gales released his debut, The Eric Gales Band, on Elektra Records. He’s earned high praise by guitarists’ guitarist and household name axe men such as Joe Bonamassa, Carlos Santana, Dave Navarro, and Mark Tremonti.

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