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Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

In Conversation with Elise Hu

Sep 30, 2014 • 7:00 pm ET
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Note: This program does not include a book signing.

In How Google Works, Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, and Rosenberg, advisor to the CEO, pull back the curtain on a company that has changed the way we work and redefined what it takes to be successful in today’s business environment.

Both Schmidt and Rosenberg came to Google as seasoned Silicon Valley executives. As they helped grow Google from a start-up to a $300 billion global icon, they re-learned everything they knew about management and took notes along the way.

How Google Works is the Google playbook—an inside look at how Google defines its unique culture, values and strategies. The authors share their hard-won wisdom on attracting the best talent with the right culture, building a strategic foundation, decision making and consensus, communication, innovation and imagining the unimaginable. In conversation with Elise Hu, the host of NPR’s All Tech Considered.

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