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An Evening of Modern Love

Mar 20, 2014 • 7:00 pm ET
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After almost 10 years as the editor of the New York Times “Modern Love” column, Daniel Jones is full of stories: tales of love lost, found, spurned and upturned. Of love that’s unlikely, forbidden, desperate and inspiring. And what has he got to show for it?

Love Illuminated: Exploring Life’s Most Mystifying Subject—With the Help of 50,000 Strangers is a narrative of Jones’ observations and wisdom about the meaning of love. He explores the topography of love in 10 thematic chapters that move from the Pursuit, Destiny, Vulnerability, and Connection of new love to the Trust, Practicality, Monotony, Infidelity, Loyalty, and Wisdom of love matured.

Based on her “Modern Love” column in 2011, Sara Eckel’s new book It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single, challenges the “too picky, too independent, too desperate” myths, encouraging singletons to stop picking apart their personalities and to start tapping into their own wisdom about who and what is right for them. Supported by the latest psychological and sociological research, Eckel creates an empowering argument to understand and accept that there’s no one reason why you’re single—you just are.

Jones and Eckel will have a lovely conversation, followed by audience Q&A.

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