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Sixth & I

Global Day of Jewish Learning

featuring David Gregory

Nov 7, 2010 • 1:30 pm ET
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On this day, hundreds of communities from around the world will participate in a day of Jewish dialogue, exploration, and celebration as Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz completes 45 years of a groundbreaking initiative to translate the entire Talmud—making it accessible to all.

From traditional text study to artistic interpretations, explore the Talmud in study groups led by local rabbis and scholars. In a keynote address, David Gregory of NBC News’ Meet the Press will share how Jewish study has affected him both professionally and personally.

Opportunities to study with: Rabbi Fred Dobb, Rachel Farbiarz, Rabbi Lyle Fishman, Rabbi Esther Lederman, Larry Paul, Aliza Sperling, Rabbi Gil Steinlauf, and Rabbi Shira Stutman.

Session topics include:
Origins and Meaning of Prayer, Gemara and Greenhouse Gases , The Interpretive Impulse, Poverty and the Study of Torah, Whose Torah is it Anyway?, Women and Talmud Study