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How to Fix the Planet

With Robert Pollin and Joseph Romm

Nov 19, 2015 • 7:00 pm ET
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This will be a lively debate on a most pressing international problem – climate change – by two leading global thinkers on the environment and the economy (just in time for the UN Climate Change Conference on November 30th in Paris).

Joseph Romm, considered the “most influential climate change blogger” by Time, and renowned economist Robert Pollin (whose latest work on the environment has been praised by the likes of CA Governor Jerry Brown and Harvard University’s Richard Freeman) will lay out the most up-to-date news about climate change and will offer attainable, research-backed solutions for curbing emissions on a global scale (keeping in mind that international leaders will soon meet in Paris to attempt to come to a binding agreement that will lower total annual greenhouse gas emissions by 40% within twenty years, and by 80% by 2050).

Romm’s Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know offers the most up-to-date examination of climate change’s foundational science, its implications for our future, and the core clean energy solutions.

In Greening the Global Economy, Pollin takes on the widely-held belief that protecting the environment and expanding job opportunities are conflicting goals, and offers hard numbers and original research as well as studies from all along the political spectrum to prove it wrong and offer a bold solution. In conversation with Danielle Baussan, the Managing Director of Energy Policy at Center for American Progress. Book signing to follow.