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Sixth & I


Dec 7, 2023 • 7:30 pm ET
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This is a show where Josh Thomas tidies up.

Tidying up is not normally the stuff of gripping drama. It wouldn’t be a propulsive narrative for most people but for Thomas, it’s Everest, a fundamentally impossible task, like trying to defy the moon and control the tides. 

Thomas started his comedy career by winning Australia’s most prestigious stand-up comedy competition at age 17. After several sell-out tours and turns on TV panel shows, Thomas turned his hand to writing, acting, and producing, creating and starring in the acclaimed TV series “Please Like Me” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.” 

In this new show written with award-winning playwright Lally Katz, he tries to work out how to do the small stuff.

More Info: Comedian's Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram