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Sixth & I (Virtual)

Justin Baldoni

In Conversation with Emily Baldoni

Apr 28, 2021 • 7:00 pm ET
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In his debut book Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity, actor and director Justin Baldoni explores masculinity by digging deep within himself and the scripts he’s learned since childhood. Through bold and transparent storytelling, he tackles difficult and sometimes uncomfortable topics including strength and vulnerability, relationships and marriage, body image, sex and sexuality, racial justice, gender equality, and fatherhood. Baldoni shares the essential tools he has discovered on his journey, inviting readers to define for themselves what it means to be “man enough” and, more importantly, to be human in today’s world.

Best known for portraying Rafael Solano on The CW’s “Jane the Virgin,” Baldoni focuses on creating impactful media and entertainment as a director, producer, and changemaker with projects including the films Five Feet Apart and Clouds. Baldoni is also the founder and chairman of The Wayfarer Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to transforming the way communities see and respond to the needs of people experiencing homelessness. Baldoni will be in conversation with his wife Emily Baldoni, an actress and the co-founder of Amma.

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