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Kofi Annan

In Conversation with David Ignatius

Sep 5, 2012 • 7:00 pm ET
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In Interventions: A Life in War and Peace, the first sub-Saharan African to hold the position of Secretary-General tells the story of his mission through the prism of some of the most consequential crises he confronted—and the way they illustrate the wider consequences of the challenges facing the global community of nations.

After 40 years of service at the United Nations, Annan shares his experiences during the terrorist attacks of September 11; the American invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan; the war between Israel, Hezbollah, and Lebanon; the brutal conflicts of Somalia, Rwanda, and Bosnia; and the geopolitical transformations following the end of the Cold War.

Interventions offers a deep understanding of the forces transforming our world, the calamitous cost of conflict, and the still-great promise of global cooperation in fighting poverty and disease. Annan will be in conversation with novelist and journalist David Ignatius.