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Launch Event: Genocide Prevention Month

Mar 31, 2009 • 7:00 pm ET
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This April, survivors from Darfur and five previous genocides will join anti-genocide advocates and people of conscience around the world to observe Genocide Prevention Month. Survivors and advocates designated April as a month of commemoration because, remarkably and coincidentally, the tragedies of Darfur, Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia, the Holocaust and Armenia all have major anniversaries in April. The growing humanitarian crisis in Darfur underscores the need for the United States and world leaders to act now for Darfur and work to prevent future atrocities.

The month will be launched on March 31 in Washington, DC with the screening of a sneak preview of The Last Survivor, a documentary to be released later this year that tells the stories of four survivors who have taken up anti-genocide advocacy.

After the screening, former CNN anchor Andrea Koppel will moderate a discussion among a group of survivors, anti-genocide advocates, policy experts, and the filmmakers.

For more information on Genocide Prevention Month please visit: http://www.genocidepreventionmonth.org/