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Sixth & I

CANCELED: Let’s Talk About Sext

How Technology is Changing Relationships

Oct 21, 2014 • 7:00 pm ET
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It’s called social media for a reason: technology is changing the way we connect and interact with other people. Nowhere is this dynamic clearer than in romantic relationships. From sexting to online dating to data-driven infidelity, partners of all ages and in all stages of their relationships increasingly experience and manage their closest connections through a wide range of technological tools.

Two writers from The Atlantic will sit down with magazine editor James Bennet to share what they learned during the many months they reported on tech-driven sexual misadventures. Hanna Rosin will discuss her investigation of a messy teen sexting scandal and reveal how parents, law enforcement, and teens themselves are confronting what happens when minors use cell phones to have virtual sex.

Atlantic contributor Michelle Cottle will join Rosin and Bennet, revealing her field notes from reporting on yet another manifestation of the technology-driven sexual revolution. Cottle, who reported on the gizmos partners now use to cheat and to catch their partners in the act, will shed light on how this strange technological arms race is changing the face of committed relationships today.