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Michael Moore

Oct 2, 2011 • 5:00 pm ET
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“I had an unusually large-sized head, though this was not uncommon for a baby in the Midwest. The craniums in our part of the country were designed to leave a little extra room for the brain to grow in case one day we found ourselves exposed to something we didn’t understand, like a foreign language, or a salad.”

Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life is an unflinchingly honest, take-no-prisoners ride through the life of the Oscar-winning filmmaker and bestselling author. Moore shares far-ranging, irreverent, and stranger-than-fiction vignettes from his early life.

One moment he’s an 11-year-old boy lost in the Senate and found by Bobby Kennedy; and in the next, he’s inside the Bitburg cemetery with Ronald Reagan. At 17, he goes to get a snack and ends up on the news, creating a firestorm that helps eliminate racial discrimination at private establishments across America.

Funny, eye-opening, and moving, it’s the book he has been writing and living his entire life.