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Sixth & I

Not By Power

May 15, 2011 • 4:00 pm ET
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Are you interested in saving energy at home and creating green employment opportunities?

Rambam once said in the Mishneh Torah, “The greatest level [of tzedakah] is … to find [someone] a job, in order to strengthen his hand to the point that he will not need help from others.”

Following the wisdom of Rambam, and inspired by the Hanukkah miracle of lighting spaces eight times as efficiently as before, the local Jewish community undertakes an exciting home weatherization effort.

Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light teaches local congregations about electricity generated by burning coal. At each stage of its life, from mining to burning, coal can cause harm to the people, land, and climate.

Weatherize DC connects community members who want to use their purchasing power to create good, family-supporting jobs for disadvantaged DC residents with local home energy contractors.