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Sixth & I

Partnership Against the Odds: Can Israelis and Palestinians Create a Shared Story?

Oct 24, 2019 • 7:00 pm

News coverage about Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, and Arabs is filled with narratives of right versus wrong, us versus them, and irreconcilable differences. What happens when instead of perpetuating a culture of blame, those on each side of the conflict come together and challenge themselves to listen and build? What’s easy, difficult, or impossible to accomplish in creating a shared story? What do you sacrifice and what might you gain? How might Palestinian citizens of Israel play a special role in forging these new connections?

We’ll explore challenges, opportunities, and outcomes through a conversation with activists and creatives involved in unlikely partnerships, including: Alon-Lee Green, the founding National Director of Standing Together, a progressive Jewish-Arab grassroots movement; Maisam Jaljuli, a longtime labor, feminist, and political activist, and a leader of Standing Together; and Tawfik Abu-Wael and Joseph Cedar, two of the co-creators of the new HBO series “Our Boys.” The conversation will be moderated by Rabbi Shira Stutman, the Senior Rabbi of Sixth & I.

This visit made possible with support from the New Israel Fund.