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Sixth & I

Rabbi Kushner’s Essential Jewish Teachings

Nov 10, 2015 • 7:30 pm ET
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“In the 21st century, the religious agenda will be set not by tradition’s answers but by congregants’ questions,” begins Rabbi Harold Kushner’s new book, Nine Essential Things I’ve learned About Life.

In anticipation of Rabbi Kushner’s visit to Sixth & I, Rabbi Shira leads a discussion of essential Jewish teachings using traditional Jewish text and passages from his new book. Touching on both the theological and the practical, discuss questions posed by Rabbi Kushner such as:

– What does it mean to forgive?
– Where is the space for anger and doubt in religious practice?
–  If God is not a man who lives in the sky, who or what is God?

The wide-ranging text study and discussion will cover questions that congregants—and their rabbis—have been discussing for thousands of years.