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Sixth & I

Resetting the Table

A New Kind of Conversation about Israel and Palestinian Territories

Apr 25, 2017 • 6:15 pm ET
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This is a four-part series that meets on Tuesday, April 25 at 6:15 pm and Tuesdays, May 2, 9, and 16 at 7:00 pm.

It can be difficult to talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. People may feel that they “don’t know enough to speak,” that they will offend or be attacked for saying the wrong thing, or that they have knowledge about one “side” of the story, but know very little about the other. Talking about the conflict can be highly charged or emotional, especially with people who may have different backgrounds, views, or experiences.

Rabbi Shira and facilitators from Resetting the Table, an organization dedicated to supporting people to have productive conversations across differences, will lead a four-session workshop to help us speak with each other about the conflict and learn more about the history of the conflict, both from Jewish and Palestinian perspectives.

Session topics include:
Session 1: Speaking across Differences on Israel
Session 2: Roots and Foundations of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 1915-1949
Session 3: Where Do We Go From Here? Five Divergent Jewish-Israeli Views
Session 4: The Conflict in North America: Roles and Responsibilities of U.S. Jews

Please fill out this interest form to be considered for the program. In an effort to ensure a productive and balanced conversation, a limited number of participants will be selected for this series. Invitations are non-transferable.