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Sixth & I


May 15, 2016 • 7:00 pm ET
  • This event has passed.

This event is underwritten by Gerald and Diane Rogell in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. All ticket proceeds from this event will be donated to Sixth & I Historic Synagogue and The Good People Fund.

The Boston-based six-man band has dominated Jewish music in America since 1974. The group’s Jewish-American sound has brought songs like Leaving Mother Russia, Amnesty, Just Another Foreigner, Moranno and Nachamu Ami by group composers Joel Sussman and Robbie Solomon, to the forefront of the Jewish music scene.

Safam covers a breadth of American musical styles while maintaining a decidedly Jewish flavor and using Rock & Roll, Pop, Folk, Latin, Chasidic, and Cantorial influences to create a tapestry of music. The band’s eclectic approach has enabled them to reach out to Jews of all ages and denominations. With 10 original recordings, a double Chanukah and Passover CD, and their Greatest Hits collections, Safam has earned a vital place in mainstream Jewish-American culture.

Safam audiences range in age from nine months to 90 years – a testament to the band’s diversity of style and content.