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Sixth & I

Sell Your Chametz

Apr 2, 2015 • 10:00 pm ET
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Before Passover begins, Sixth & I will virtually* accept chametz and collectively “sell” it in accordance with Jewish tradition. Anyone wishing to sell his or her chametz should fill out the Google form.

During Passover, many Jews observing the holiday clean out all the chametz (bread and grain products) from their homes. For many of us, though, getting rid of so much is a financial burden and can be wasteful. So Jews came up with the solution of selling (for a dollar) some of their chametz to a trusted non-Jewish friend who does not celebrate Passover. That friend will return our chametz to us after the holiday is over.

*Sixth & I will not be accepting any chametz in person. Filling out the Google form will serve as a virtual acknowledgment of “selling” your chametz.

Grains image via shutterstock.com