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Sixth & I (Virtual)

Sinai Slam: An Alternative Shavuot Experience

May 16, 2021 • 7:00 pm ET
  • This event has passed.

Featuring personal stories from Sixth & I’ers and emceed by Rabbi Shira and Rabbi Aaron, this virtual storytelling event explores unexpected takes on the holiday’s themes of anticipation, revelation, and conversion. At 9:00 pm, the evening continues with late-night Torah study over Zoom.

Storytellers include:

Sarah Pergolizzi, a DMV native who loves reading in the park, taking long walks with her pup Hank, and making kitschy embroidered challah covers.

Christopher Hopkins, a volunteer at the National Zoo on the Asia Trail who once spent a summer working as a fire lookout at a remote fire tower in Arizona.

Fabiana Perera, a godmother to two wonderful Catholic kids. She once won an acting award while living in Venezuela.

Olivia Webb, who once drove five goats across the state of Pennsylvania. She is moving to Brooklyn this month.

Hannah Ruth Wellons, a creative happily living in DC with her girlfriend, two cats, and plants. She is passionate about equity in artistic spaces.

Nischa Pieris, a London native who has lived in Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and now DC where she works in international development with a focus on gender equality.

Late-Night Torah Study: What Makes a Space Holy?
As we prepare to start re-entering spaces that have been mostly empty for fifteen months, many have questioned: why return at all? Have physical spaces lost their significance? Does entering a synagogue actually bring us closer to God or to Jewish community? Rabbi Shira and Rabbi Aaron discuss these questions and more as we ponder what Jewish tradition and the experience of the last 15 months teaches us about what makes a space holy.

Plus, don’t miss DAWN, an all-night culture and arts festival from our friends at REBOOT and the Jewish Emergent Network. Rabbi Aaron and Rabbi Shira will speak at 12:00 am about the blessings and challenges of interfaith couples.

If you would like to request a sign language interpreter or live captioning for the event, please contact Leila by Monday, May 3.