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Sixth & I

Stacy London

Oct 4, 2012 • 7:00 pm ET
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With her talent for seeing past disastrous wardrobes to the emotional issues that caused these sartorial crises, style savant Stacy London has transformed the looks and lives of hundreds of guests on What Not to Wear. In The Truth About Style, London turns that expert insight on herself.

Like the women she’s transformed, London has emotional baggage. At 11, she suffered from psoriasis that left her with physical and mental scars. During college, she became anorexic. By the time she joined the staff at Vogue, London’s weight had doubled from binge eating.

In The Truth About Style, London—cofounder and stylist in chief of Style for Hire—shares her own painful history and demonstrates her philosophy that personal style can help overcome emotional obstacles. Book signing to follow.