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Sixth & I

Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

In Conversation with Shankar Vedantam

May 15, 2014 • 7:00 pm ET
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The New York Times bestseller Freakonomics changed the way we see the world, exposing the hidden side of just about everything.

In Think Like a Freak, Levitt and Dubner take us inside their thought process and teach us all to think a bit more productively, more creatively, more rationally—to think, that is, like a Freak.

They offer a blueprint for an entirely new way to solve problems, whether your interest lies in minor lifehacks or major global reforms. Some steps toward thinking like a Freak:

• First, put away your moral compass—because it’s hard to see a problem clearly if you’ve already decided what to do about it.
• Take a master class in incentives—because for better or worse, incentives rule our world.
• Learn to appreciate the upside of quitting—because you can’t solve tomorrow’s problem if you aren’t willing to abandon today’s dud.

In conversation with Shankar Vedantama science correspondent for NPR. Book signing to follow.

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