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Tattoos & Taboos with Ami James of Miami Ink

Oct 25, 2009 • 7:00 pm ET
  • This event has passed.

For the tattoo-bearing and the tattoo-curious, Sixth & I presents an evening on the controversial topic of Jews getting inked. In light of the controversy as well as the prevalence of tattoos today, two tattooed Jews deeply involved in the world of body art will discuss their work as well as the myths, trends, and antipathy associated with Jewish body modification.

Ami James, an Israeli-born tattoo artist and star of the reality TV show Miami Ink, will speak with Todd Weinberger, Creative Director of Inked magazine, about cultural assumptions and attitudes within the Jewish community regarding tattoos and the way they reconcile their tattooed bodies with their Jewish identities, heritage, and beliefs.


This event is presented in partnership with Nextbook Inc., as part of Jewish Body Week – a series of events in New York City and elsewhere exploring the subjects raised in Melvin Konner’s 2009 book, The Jewish Body.