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Sixth & I

The 18th Street Singers 10th Anniversary Concert

Something Old, Something New

Jun 20, 2015 • 8:00 pm ET
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Ten years ago, a small group of enterprising musicians brought together DC’s best young vocal performers to create a fresh, original sound. The 18th Street Singers soon found other musicians hungry for a serious musical outlet, and quickly grew into the acclaimed a cappella collection that it is today. The 18th Street Singers are re-energizing the vocal arts scene in Washington, providing a home for talented young professionals who crave a new kind of musical experience. They have come together from all walks of life to redefine what it means to be a community choir—insisting on the very highest standards of excellence in performing classical music for a new generation.

Named by CBS as one of the “best vocal groups in Washington, DC,” the 50-voice ensemble consists of members that come from a wide range of musical backgrounds, yet share a passion for performance and a dedication to continual innovation. The group’s diverse repertoire includes classical masterpieces, traditional American music, folk songs from around the world, and innovative works by modern and experimental composers.

More Info: Band's Website, Facebook, Twitter