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Sixth & I

The Divine Eroticism of Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism

Jan 8, 2019 • 7:00 pm ET
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For centuries, the study of Kabbalah—Jewish mysticism—was off limits to almost everyone. It was thought to be far too powerful and too sexually charged to share with the masses. But why was it so secretive? What hidden powers did the ancient rabbis believe it had? And what power can learning it hold for us today?

In a class led by Rabbi Gil Steinlauf, executive director of the Hineni Fellowship, explore basic concepts from Kabbalah including teachings from the Zohar that provide spiritual insight and wisdom for living. Learn how Kabbalah can reveal the powerful and often moving erotic drama that underpins the stories and teachings of the Torah. No Hebrew background is necessary.

No one will be turned away from any of our classes due to lack of funds. For more information, please contact our Religious Programming Associate, Annie.