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Sixth & I

The Next GREAT Idea for the New Year

Oct 29, 2010 • 12:00 pm ET
  • This event has passed.

In celebration of 5771, Sixth & I is launching a contest for the next GREAT idea you’d like to see happen on the corner of 6th and I Streets during the New Year. We believe that the best way to spark innovative programming is to take a “by the people, for the people” approach. What would you like to experience in our 102-year-old building? Don’t be shy; tell us yourdreams for the ‘gogue.

Ideas can be big or small, over-the-top or simply brilliant, momentary or long-lasting. Guest speakers, classes, holiday celebrations, social events, weekly services…the possibilities are only limited by yourimagination.

We’ll select one GREAT idea and turn it into action. The winner will receive an iPad.

Submit your idea to [email protected] by October 29, 2010.