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The TEN: An Alternative Shavuot Experience

With Priya Parker

May 28, 2020 • 7:00 pm ET
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For more details and to access these sessions, click here. If you need assistance, please contact Leila Cahn.

What do you get when you cross a cooped-up group of Jews, seekers, and spiritual teachers with the holiday of Shavuot? The TEN: An all-night, Torah-celebrating, unabashed festival of learning, laughing, dancing, reflecting, cooking, drinking (coffee!), and merry-making.

This thought-provoking evening will feature Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters and host of the New York Times podcast “Together Apart,” in conversation with Rabbi Shira. They’ll discuss the power of gathering, the role of religion and faith in building meaningful community, and reflections on what this moment might mean for how we choose to gather moving forward.

Following the conversation, check out some or all of the other activities scheduled into the wee hours of the night. Come on, what else do you have to do?

7:00 pm – Priya Parker in Conversation with Rabbi Shira
8:00 pm – Welcome to Shavuot
8:20 pm – ABM Celebration & Dedication
8:45 pm* – Running Late or Reclaiming Time? A History and Discussion of Cultural Norms Around Punctuality OR Washington DC: City Of the People or For the People?
9:15 pm* – Sephardic Cooking & Stories OR The African Diaspora in Israel: A Look at Three Black Communities Negotiating Identity
9:45 pm – Stretch Break
9:55 pm* – New Roles for Women Studying Family Purity Laws OR Three Rabbis Walk into a Bar: The Power of Jewish Humor in Dark Times
10:25 pm – The Surprising History of Jewish Papercutting OR There’s No Bar or Bat in B’nai Mitzvah (Thank Goodness)
10:55 pm – Shavuot Cocktail Making
11:05 pm – Authenticity in Modern Age OR The Jewish History of Olympic Gymnastics
11:35 pm – Midnight Snack with Chef Vered Guttman – Part 1
12:00 am – Silent Torah Disco: “The People Saw the Lightning”
12:15 am – Midnight Snack with Chef Vered Guttman – Part 2
12:30 am – How to Win Friends and Influence People OR  Energizing Yoga
1:15 am – The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors: Jewish Help for Nighttime Anxiety OR Israeli Dancing
2:00 am – The Perfect Pot
2:15 am – “Unorthodox”: Discussing the Netflix Miniseries OR Virtual Tour of Israel’s Shouks
3:00 am – Sermon Slam with the Sixth & I Rabbis
3:45 am – At-Home Workout
4:00 am – Late Night Ask Me Anything with the Sixth & I Rabbis
4:45 am – Home-based Jewish Scavenger Hunt
5:00 am – Kibbutz HaGaluyiot – Ingathering of the Exiles
5:45 am – Morning Prayers

*Interactive class led by our ABM graduates

The Sixth & I community will also have the opportunity to study with the rabbis of the Jewish Emergent Network in partnership with Reboot. Learn more about their lineup here.