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Sixth & I

UCB Intro to Improv and Intermediate Improv

Jan 25, 2020 • 2:00 pm ET
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These concurrent two-hour workshops in long-form improv comedy are taught by instructors from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Intro to Improv (SOLD OUT)
This workshop offers a crash course in the UCB style of long-form improvisational comedy. Learn how to make use of the ‘yes-and,’ philosophy and develop active listening skills a as means of creating comedic improvised scenes.

Intermediate Improv
Building upon the basics, learn to identify patterns and “games” in scenes and epxlore concepts like second beats and heightening. Students can expect to continue practicing the “yes-and,” philosophy and active listening but will be held to a higher standard and will receive more advanced notes.

Prerequisites include completion of one of the following within the last two years:

  • UCB Touring Company Intro to Improv workshop
  • UCB Improv 101 (full course)
  • Other equivalent improv workshop