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Sixth & I – Sanctuary

You’re Funny But You Don’t Look Jewish

Mar 23, 2017 • 8:00 pm ET
  • This event has passed.

Italian, African American, Indian and Vietnamese American Jewish stand-up comedians share the stage and their own experiences about being ‘undercover’ members of the tribe.

Subtle but sharp, laid-back yet engaging, Vietnamese American Joe Nguyen is the smart slacker beloved by audiences for his easygoing delivery and good writing. Joe is a regular at the Punch Line and other Bay Area clubs as well as a member of the local group, Nightlife on Mars.

Samson Koletkar was born in Mumbai. Growing up in the world’s most crowded city, he spent most of his childhood years studying in preparation to earn a Masters Degree in Computer Software, thereby fulfilling his parent’s dreams. With a first-generation immigrant perspective, and driven by personal trials and tribulations, his subtle satire addresses religious and political hypocrisies, social issues, and day-to-day absurdities of human nature.

Gina Gold is an African American humorist, filmmaker, and stage artist. She grew up in New York thinking “oy vey” was something all black people said. After telling a story called “Hands Up” on NPR’s radio show Snap Judgment, Gina fell in love with storytelling and started her own series called TMI (Too Much Information) which she currently produces.

Mike Capozzola is a San Francisco-based stand-up comedian, actor, host, cartoonist, and illustrator with Italian roots.