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Sixth & I – Downstairs


with Sean Croft

Mar 5, 2016 • 8:00 pm ET
  • This event has passed.

This event will take place in our Downstairs venue with mostly standing room. For those who require seating, please call 202.408.3100 in advance.

Zuli’s off-kilter debut EP, Supernatural Voodoo, is an exploration in psych pop. Performing every instrument and conceptualizing each sound on the record himself, he found clarity in isolation. The record is representative of his growth on both personal and creative levels. Using hand-built instruments and revamped equipment to expand his musical pallet, the EP aims for emotionally honest and timeless songs.

Supernatural Voodoo is a balance of psychedelic soundscapes and emotive songwriting influenced by earlier personal projects as well as outside influences. His intricate and textured sound comes from pairing unlikely combinations like guitar pedals and microphones, vocal processors and keyboards, and conceptualizing new guitar pickups. The record is truly representative of his growth on both a personal and a creative level.

More Info: Facebook, Twitter, Website, Artist's Website