Chinese Food + Movies + Beer

This event has multiple start times –
1:00 pm Doors open; 2:00 pm Spaceballs screening
4:00 pm Doors open; 5:00 pm The Princess Bride screening
7:00 pm Doors open; 8:00 pm The Big Lebowski screening

What’s a Jew to do on Christmas? We’ve got you covered! Feast on all-you-can-eat kosher Chinese food, sample beer from Shmaltz Brewing Company (the maker of He’Brew) and watch Spaceballs, The Princess Bride, or The Big Lebowskiwhile you sample tasty craft brews and gorge on the Chinese buffet. The choice is yours!

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The G-d Project

The G-d Project is coming to DC to find out what YOU think about G-d and Jewish spirituality for our online documentary and website.
Be part of an event that will showcase the diversity of the Jewish community, inspire and engage!

Inspired by NPR’s This American Life and the TED Talks, The G-d Project wants to feature Jews from the DC area giving our ideas and feelings about G-d, spirituality, and Jewish continuity. The G-d Project is made up of micro-documentaries showcasing profiles of unique Jewish personalities around the world (the famous, the infamous, the unknown, rabbis and scholars, adults and children, LGBT and straight, all ages, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and everything in between) giving their views on G-d and Judaism.

The G-d Project is an initiative of Punk Torah.

Filming Sessions:
Daytime – Theater: 11:00 am-4:00 pm
Evening – Library: 5:30 pm-8:30 pm

Location: Washington DCJCC – 1529 16th Street, NW

Strangers No More

In the heart of Tel Aviv, there is an exceptional school where children from 48 different countries and diverse backgrounds come together to learn. Many of the students arrive at Bialik-Rogozin School fleeing poverty, political adversity and even genocide. Here, no child is a stranger.

Strangers No More—2011 Academy Award winner for Best Short Subject—follows several students struggling to acclimate to life in a new land while slowly opening up to share their stories of hardship. With tremendous effort and dedication, the school provides the support these children need to recover from their past. Together, the bond between teacher and student, and amongst the students themselves, enables them to create new lives in this exceptional community.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A about the film and HIAS’s work with asylum seekers and refugees in Israel. Among the panelists will be Joel Moss, HIAS’s Representative in Israel and an expert in asylum law who is embedded in the Israeli Ministry of the Interior’s new Refugee Status Determination Unit. Film preview.

Dive-In Movie: Wet Hot American Summer

Event Location: Capitol Skyline Hotel (10 I St., SW)

Welcome to Camp Firewood, 1981. It’s the last day of camp, but there’s still plenty of unfinished business to attend to. Camp Director Beth is struggling to keep order, Coop’s looking for love, Susie is attempting to put on the talent show of a lifetime, and Gail is trying to get over the departure of her ex-husband. So what happens? Hilarity ensues!

Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, and Janeane Garofalo star in this hilarious camp spoof. Relive your summer camp days with s’mores and (spiked) bug juice, and relax poolside as we screen the cult classic flick, Wet Hot American Summer. Grab your 80s garb and camp T-shirts for the annual costume contest and win prizes by answering “Wet Hot” trivia questions.

Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience

Gather ’round you friends of mine, we’re Wilderness Girls and its cookie time!

Celebrate the 80s cult classic with an interactive film screening that is equal parts sing-a-long, dance-a-long, and quote-a-long, all in the spirit of Shelley Long. If you’ve always wanted to be a Wilderness Girl, here’s your chance! Boo Velda Plendor, dance “The Freddie,” and sing “Cookie Time.”

The evening will be hosted by Erika Brooks Adickman, founder of Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience and recipient of the Annie Herman award. She’s brought that wilderness feeling to New York and LA, and now she’ll show DC that 21 years later, Beverly Hills is still a thrill!

Dressing in costume is not required, but it is encouraged and might just earn you a patch. This event also celebrates the 2-year anniversary of Not Your Bubbe’s Sisterhood, Sixth & I’s program series for women in their 20s and 30s.

As We Forgive

Join us for the DC launch of the As We Forgive Rwanda Initiative (AWFRI), a new Rwandan reconciliation organization inspired by the 2008 Student Academy Award-winning documentary As We Forgive.

The screening includes a new 7-minute epilogue and a panel discussion with filmmaker Laura Waters Hinson, AWFRI Executive Director Andrea McDaniel, and Rwandan youth advocate Jean Michel Habineza.

A wine and appetizer reception follows, with proceeds supporting AWFRI’s efforts in Rwanda.

“Transcendent Man”

Revolving around the concept of Singularity, when technological growth becomes so rapid that computers/machines reach superintelligence, Ray Kurzweil’s documentary Transcendent Man is as eye-opening as it is thought-provoking. Screening followed by a Q&A session with Kurzweil and the director of the film, Barry Ptolemy.

Whether you have your own theories about our technological future, or you can’t even type without hunting and pecking, don’t feel overwhelmed (you don’t even need a Mensa card!). Expand your mind and enjoy yourself with a look at where we are and where we might be headed in the not-so-distant future.

9500 Liberty

Winner of numerous awards from film festivals all over the country, 9500 Liberty tells the story of a Northern Virginia county’s explosive debate over immigration. The film follows a divisive piece of legislation as it makes its way through the Prince William County Council and envelopes the entire community, becoming a powerful symbol in the struggle to define what it means to be American. The Arizona Republic calls the film “timely” and “chilling.” The screening will be followed by a Q&A and discussion with the film’s director, Annabel Park.

Seeking Happily Ever After

There are more single women in their thirties today than at any other time in history. Why now? Are women redefining happily ever after? In the documentary Seeking Happily Ever After, you’ll meet women eager to debunk the stereotypes that they are either desperate to get married or too career driven to care about marriage. These women drop their guard and share the ups and downs of being single today.

Filmmaker Michelle Cove has also written a companion book, Seeking Happily Ever After: Navigating the Ups and Downs of Being Single Without Losing Your Mind (and Finding Lasting Love Along the Way). Cove will speak and answer questions following the film (running time: 80 minutes).

Dive-In Movie: Caddyshack

Come on down to the “Sixth & I Country Club” for our 2nd annual Dive-in Movie! Relax in or around the pool with a drink in hand, and watch the famed comedy classic Caddyshack, starring Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield.

Don’t forget to dress up as your favorite character or in preppy golf attire to compete in our costume contest. Prizes will be awarded based on crowd approval. Play pool golf and Caddyshack trivia before the movie starts. And don’t be surprised if someone throws a Baby Ruth in the pool! Special themed food and drink selections will be available for purchase. The film will begin at sunset.