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Sixth & I

Acts of Kindness: A Self-Compassion Series

Feb 29, 2024 • 7:00 pm ET
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In a world that feels like it demands perfection, mindfulness teacher Alison Cohen shares how to develop a kinder and more compassionate relationship with yourself, which in turn can improve your relationships with others.

Drawing on Jewish wisdom and the research of Drs. Kristen Neff, Christopher Germer, Tara Brach, Dan Siegel, and others, each interactive session explores what self-compassion means and feels like through guided meditation, reflection, and discussion.

Classes in this series build on each other and are designed to be taken together, but can be taken individually as well.

February 29: The Big 3 Practice, inspired by Dr. Kristen Neff’s work on the three elements of self-compassion
March 21: R.A.I.N. Practice (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture)
April 18: Tonglen Practice as described by teacher Pema Chödrön
May 23: Inward Knowing Practice (guided meditation + accompanying letter-writing), inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Letters from Love

About the Instructor

Alison Cohen loves supporting people in strengthening their capacity to connect: with themselves, others, and ancient and contemporary wisdom. She teaches in Jewish, Buddhist, and secular spaces.

No one will be turned away from this event due to lack of funds. For more information, please contact our Jewish Life Associate, Eve.