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Sixth & I

Change Comes to Dinner

A Discussion of the Positive Side of the Food Movement in D.C. and Beyond

Jun 28, 2012 • 7:00 pm ET
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Many of us know that problems plague America’s food system, but how often do we hear about the solutions? Local author Katherine Gustafson set out to uncover hopeful alternatives that can make our way of eating more sustainable, satisfying, and fair. Her new book, Change Comes to Dinner, takes us into farms, markets, organizations, and businesses across America that are pushing us toward a better food future. Influential figures in the D.C. food movement will have a conversation about the positive side of the food movement in D.C. and beyond.

Panelists include: Katherine Gustafson; Mike Curtin, CEO, D.C. Central Kitchen; Bernadine Prince, Co-Executive Director, DC FreshFarm Market; and Sara Polon, owner of Soupergirl. The panel will be moderated by Danny Harris, founder of People’s District and co-founder of Feastly. Book signing to follow.