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Sixth & I

All Ears: Listening Across Political Divides

Mar 28, 2017 • 7:00 pm ET
  • This event has passed.

Even before the election, the question had been on our minds: can we be in conversation with those on the other side? What aren’t we hearing from each other? Is there a way to move beyond anger and engage in constructive conversations?

As part of the November 9th project, Sixth & I is committed to building conversation across political divides. Facilitators from Resetting the Table, an organization that works to build meaningful dialogue and deliberation across political divides on charged issues, will help create a space to discuss passionate issues with honesty, recognition, and respect.

Please fill out this interest form to be considered for the program. In order to ensure a balanced and productive conversation, participants will be selected by Sixth & I’s team and will be contacted if chosen to participate. We aim to facilitate a true diversity of political opinions around the table.