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Sixth & I

The Holiness of Anger Management

Sep 21, 2016 • 7:30 pm ET
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Let’s talk about our anger. Sometimes, it’s warranted. Often, though, it’s a secondary emotion, covering up more profound feelings of sadness, embarrassment, or disappointment. Some of us never get angry at all.

We talk about God as being “Erech Apayim,” which can mean slow to anger, long-suffering, or patient. When are we supposed to be like God, and be slow to anger? When are we supposed to use our full range of emotions? And what does it mean to be long-suffering, anyway?  Rabbi Shira leads a text study and discussion in preparation for 5777.

This course is part of our Elul programming – a month of classes designed to spark reflection and preparation for the Jewish New Year.

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